FAQs for the 1 oz. Fine silver #nhsheroes  2020 Coin

  • How much money from the sale of each #nhsheroes silver coin will The East India Company donate to the NHS Charities Together?

The East India Company will donate 100% of all profit made from the sale of each #nhsheroes silver coin to the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Appeal. This is calculated as the profit after all costs and VAT are deducted from the money received from each coin sale. Our aim to donate as much money as possible from the sale of each coin ensuring that every penny possible can be donated to make a difference to this very worthwhile cause. Full T’s & C’s for the #nhsheroes silver coin fundraising initiative can be found here

  • How will my donation be spent?

       We shall donate the funds to NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Appeal to support NHS Staff and Volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.  

  • Is this coin endorsed by NHS Charities Together?

The #nhsheroes silver coin is a fundraising initiative from The East India Company Bullion Ltd. and Government of St Helena. While this project is not endorsed by NHS Charities Together, 100% of the profits from the sale of these coins shall be donated to NHS Charities Together.

  • Will I get a tax rebate for the charity portion?

Whether a buyer of this coin is able to claim any tax rebate, for the charity portion, is dependent on the tax status of the buyer and as a result, the buyer needs to check with their tax adviser or seek clarification from HMRC.

  • Does the company have any other products on which there is a donation to charity?

This is the very first fundraising coin released by The East India Company Bullion Ltd. to support NHS staff and Volunteers during this unprecedented period in history. We hope to be able to continue this line of fundraising coin products in the future as we see coins as an important way for people to donate to charities which are important to them.

  • Why does the coin state £5 on the Queen side but the cost is £24.95 incl VAT?

The #nhsheroes silver coin has a face value of £5 which is fully authorised by the Government of St Helena and the Royal Household. The face value on a coin is required to fulfil the legal tender status of the coin it does not reflect the ‘value’ of a coin and therefore while a legal necessity does not necessarily reflect the coins true value. The #nhsheroes silver coin is produced from 1oz Fine Silver and is a commemorative coin so its ‘value’ does not necessarily relate the its £5 face value. Commemorative coins are treasured for their aesthetic and collectable or rarity value.

  • Has the coin been approved by HM Queen Elizabeth II?

All coins issued by The East India Company and the Government of St Helena are fully authorised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Royal Household in accordance with the Commemorative Coins Ordinance. Coin designs pass through a rigorous approval process via the St Helena Currency Board, the Governor of St Helena, the department for the British Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs and finally to the Royal Household for HM The Queen’s formal approval.

  • Is the coin legal tender?

The #nhsheroes silver coin is a legal tender coin on the island of St Helena. As such the coin can be spent on St Helena however it is unlikely that this would happen because their collectible or metal value is likely to exceed their face value.

  • How many #nhsheroes silver coins can I order?

Due to the nature of this product we have decided to limit the number of coins purchase per household to a maximum of 5 coins.

  • Where is this minted / manufactured?

The coin is issued by The East India Company on behalf of the Government of St Helena and primarily minted by our partners in Germany.

  • Is this pure silver?

Each #nhsheroes silver coin contains 1oz of 99.9% pure Fine Silver and is certified by The East India Company Bullion Ltd.

  • Will its value improve with time?

The #nhsheroes silver coin is a commemorative coin issued to raise funds to support NHS Staff and Volunteers. Commemorative coins should be purchased as mementos or souvenirs and should be treasured for their aesthetic and collectable or rarity value. The East India Company Bullion Ltd. produce commemorative coins which are predominantly made from precious metals including gold and silver and so hold an intrinsic metal value depending on weight. Metal values vary over time and we cannot provide advice on the future value of a coin. For investment advice you should contact your Financial Advisor.

  • Is there a certificate with the product?

The #nhsheroes silver coin is issued with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing the specification of the coin. 

  • Can I personalise it?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a personalisation service with this #nhsheroes silver coin at this time.

  • Can I gift it?

Yes, the #nhsheroes silver coin can be given as a gift. You will be able to send directly to a recipient by entering the required delivery address at the check out page.

  • How long will it take for my coin to arrive?

We will endeavour to deliver Goods within 30 days from the date on which the order for those Goods was placed, expect for circumstances beyond our reasonable control like the CoVid-19 Lockdown situation. If we are unable to deliver your order within 30 working days we will notify you in writing of the delay. In the event of a delay in delivery of greater than 30 working days you may cancel your order resulting in us providing you with a full refund.

  • Can it be delivered to my nominated address?

Yes, your #nhsheroes silver coin can be shipped to most addresses worldwide and you will be asked to input this information at the checkout page. There are a small number of countries we are not able to ship to due to local customs and restrictions and these include PO Box addresses and India.

  • What is The East India Company’s return policy for the #nhsheroes silver coin?

We are happy to accept returns in line with our returns policy which can be found here

  • What is the returns address?

The returns address can be found in our return policy which can be found here